You, or someone you know, may be facing an important challenge that may be overcome with a small, financial "hand up."  Whether the need is for post-high school education, help sending a child to day care, or something similar - we may be able to help.

Over the past 50 years, the Alliance has brought together people that are passionate about our town, heritage, and blessings.  We've created an organization that's passed down the COMMUNITY - FRIENDSHIP - GIVING spirit from generation to generation.  For the Alliance, our "legends" are a set of treasured memories and stories highlighting our vision, strengths, and character for future generations to understand and value.

Our two MW Alliance Foundation "Giving" programs recognize those outstanding individuals across our community admired for their courage and determination as they take on challenges bigger than themselves.  

If you know of someone that we may be able to help, please have them complete the appropriate application and submit their request to us.

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