Nearly every part of our lives have been upended since March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We live differently.  We play differently.  We work differently.  And along with the community organizations we support (right); we at the MW Alliance Foundation are also striving to create, reimagine, and alter our programs and services so we can optimize our efforts to achieve outstanding results.  Here are just a few of the ways we've been able to accomplish that:

  • Launched our first ever online auction site last November in support of our "2nd Annual MANI*WISH Christmas" fundraising event.  We exceeded our goal of raising $10,000 for needy children and families by tallying more than $14,000 in donations.  

  • With the success of MANI*WISH Christmas, in February we began a slow roll-out of the new, year-round "MANI*WISH Giving Program" to meet the rising requests for financial relief from community residents facing a specific need.
    (You'll find more information and an online request form under the WE GIVE menu tab).
    • (March, 2021) Donation made to Berklee Adamovich Cancer fundraiser.  Berkley is the daughter of a Vilas County Sheriff (from Eagle River) who is battling one of the rarest forms of childhood cancer.
    • (March, 2021)  Donation made to young boy [name-withheld] to help him attend Camp Jorn this summer.
    • Alliance Education Scholarship Fund

    • Camp Jorn Child Care
    • Camp Jorn Day Care
    • GROW! Community Garden
    • Mani*Wish Christmas Event
    • Mani*Wish "Giving" Program
    • MW Fire Department
    • MW Skiing Skeeters
    • Solstice Festival
    • Walleyes for Tomorrow
    • WinMan Trails
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