About us

Our History

The “Alliance” is the story of some people who believed something different nearly 50 years ago.   They are people who helped guide the growth of our community by holding on to their values while having a vision of what our Town “could be.”  These are people who saw the need for social interaction, of helping, and in giving back to others - what we now call “community.”  And just maybe, they are foundational to the reason why today, Manitowish Waters is the “gem” of the Northwoods.

In the early 1970’s, our Alliance founders understood that unleashing the power held by people with common attitudes, interests, and goals could positively impact the quality of life in our community.   They believed that getting others energized around key community issues would yield constructive discussion, and most importantly, could get the issues resolved.  And, they would be building camaraderie along the journey.   They were the people who did what it took - putting their noses to the grindstone - to keep our valuable natural resources and traditions safeguarded, while keeping an eye towards the future.

The Manitowish Waters Alliance was established in 1972. The pressing issue at the time was the proper conservation of our lakes, rivers, and watershed.   Their MISSION was clear: To have citizens and business people join together to maintain the Manitowish Waters chain of lakes in a manner that preserved the natural environment and beauty.

 In 1992, the Manitowish Waters Lakes Association was formed and assumed the mantle of maintaining, protecting and enhancing the quality of the Manitowish Waters Chain of Lakes and other Township waters.  This allowed the Alliance to broaden its scope in other community support areas and increase its presence in promoting “social interactions.”


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